What CFP offers their clients.... Vast array of experience in Industrial, Commercial and Residential fire sprinkler systems. From Underground Fire Main Supply - Fire Pump Installs - Overhead Protection - Full 24 hour Service side - Inspections of existing systems. All Sprinkler Fitters go through a Five year apprenticeship program through Local Union 669, with continual education through CFP and Local 669 throughout their career, after completing their apprenticeship. All installation projects or service calls will always have a journeyman or journeywomen fitter onsite that has completed apprenticeship or the approval from local 669 that they were able to prove a number of years experience in trade. CFP will travel through out Idaho for any Fire Sprinkler needs large or small that is needed, with future plans to grow into neighboring States. CFP will always offer free estimates or advice to all who has Fire Protection needs big or small.

We are proud sponsors/community supporters of the 4H club and FFA!